Lesson Plan : Diver in a Bottle/ Sinking Orange

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 Grade 2

 Properties and Interactions of Familiar Liquids and Solids. Why trapped air makes things float.
 Demonstrate the ability of trapped air to make object float and create a scuba diver which rises and sinks based on the amount of air trapped in a pen cap.
 The students will be able to model the compression systems seen in scuba tank. Students will be able to predict with 90% accuracy, if an object will float or sink based on its composition.
 1) Have the students view a demonstration (orange demo) on how trapped air can help objects float in water 2) Make a divers that moves up and down in a bottle based on how much air is trapped in a pen cap attached to it
  A Bowl Water An Orange Bit of Styrofoam Paper Clip Plastic Pen Top with Clip Plasticine (Modelling Clay) Empty Plastic Water Bottle with Lid (2L)
 -Talk about how different solids can float or sink based on their properties. -Explain that air floats on top of water and that some solids have air trapped in them which helps them float (display this using Styrofoam).
 -An orange has air trapped in the peel. -Place an unpeeled orange in a bowl of water and observe with the class how it floats. -Peel the orange and place it in the water again. -Observe how when there is no peel on the orange it sinks. This is because it no longer has trapped air keeping it afloat.
 -Make a plasticine scuba diver 3.5cm long. -Fix the paper-clip to its head and hang it from the pen top. Fill the bottle with water and drop in the scuba diver. -The pen top should float with its top just above the water level. Make the figure bigger or smaller if needed. -Pour in more water and screw the top on tightly. -Observe how the diver float when the bottle is relaxed and sinks if it is squeezed. This is because the pressure in the water pushed air out of the pen cap so it can not hold up the diver.
Checking For Understanding:
 -Ask the students if they think that other materials that have air trapped in them will float or sink (such as a balloon, wool, plastic and plant seed pods).
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