Lesson Plan : Seeds Sprouting

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 Naiomi Hendricks

 Plants and how they grow. (They need food--soil, water, and sunlight)
 sunlight, soil, seed, sprout, water, plant, and protect
 Students will have learned how a seed transforms into a plant.They will work as a cooperative group to achieve a common goal. Language and Early Literacy Development, Print and Book Awareness-understands that print carries a message by recognizing labels, signs, and other print forms in the environment, Science-the student shows interest in investigating unfamiliar objects, organisms, and phenomena-uses one or more senses to observe and learn about objects, event, and organisms-explores by manipulating materials with simple equipment (pouring from a cup, and using a shovel to pick up soil), Individual, Culture, and Community the student-cooperates with others in a joint activity Personal and Social Development The student-refines pincer control in picking up objects (touching small objects)
 The students will be able to go to the assigned tables and select the appropriate item for their task. The students will complete the tasks in proper sequence. The students will follow the directions of their assign job duties to each group.
 Styrofoam cups, small shovel (spoon), watering can, mini plant, various seeds, number necklace for each step, and handouts.
 1.Reread Aloud the book Seeds Sprouting 2. Show students a small plant that is already growing in a pot. 3. Ask questions. a. What is this? b. What is this brown stuff that is in the pot with it? 4. Explain to students what seeds need to grow-(soil, water, and sunlight). 5. Students will be able to touch the soil and the plant. 6. In form students they will be planting their own seed today.
 Go over the 5 steps of planting a seed. 1. Get a cup 2. Fill pot with soil to the line. 3. Bury the seeds into the soil. 4. Water the seeds 5. Put the plant in the sunlight. Each step will be clearly display onto the whiteboard. Explain each step to students and the order of directions according to the pictures.
 Will ask students what will happen first, second, third, fourth, and fifth. Ask who has what job duty. Have students go to the table and select the proper item to complete the task. (Assistance available when needed) Review the the 5 steps with students.
 Provide assistance to students who seem unsure, confused, don't understand or not paying attention. Engage all students at all times and use the 5 step display on whiteboard.
Checking For Understanding:
 Take pictures off of the whiteboard and mix them up. Call students one at a time and have them to put the 5 steps in the correct order.
 Students will create a Seed book about the texture of the seed, what is needed to grow a seed, and the different types of seeds.
 Students will check on their seeds everyday and provide them with food and water. Students will see their Seed transform into a plant in next few weeks.
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