Lesson Plan : We Are What We Eat

Teacher Name:
 Jolene Thompson

 Healthy foods and the food pyramid
 -Food Pyramid -Fruits -Vegetables -Grains and cereals -Protein -Junk food -Dairy
 The students will identify foods that are good for you and foods are not. The students will sort foods according to where they belong on the food pyramid. The students will create a well balanced meal.
 TLW name foods in the appropriate food groups. TLW recognize foods in the appropriate group of the Food Guide Pyramid TLW classify foods according to the food groups.
 - "Showdown at the Food Pyramid" by Rex Barron - Large food pyramid poster - Blank food pyramid felt board - Felt board food pyramid food pieces - Paper plate (one per child) - Newspaper food ads (stack per group of students)
 The teacher will begin the lesson by singing a song about healthy food and the food pyramid.
 1. The teacher will introduce the food pyramid as a whole. 2. The teacher will explain the different food groups and explain why it is improtant to eat food from each food groups but to eat foods in the "junk food" group in moderation. 3. The teacher will call on various students to share what they ate for lunch and the class will identify which food groups the foods belong to. 4. The teacher will "Showdown at the Food Pyramid" by Rex Barron and discuss it.
 Each studens will recieve a piece of felt food. In different parts of the classroom, the teacher will hang up signs that label the different levels of the food pyramid. The meats will be in one area of the room, the dairies in another, the fruits and vegetables in another, etc. The students will be directed to find the sign that their food belings to. Once all of the children have found their groups, they will come up one at a time, tell the class what their food is, and place it into the correct box of the food pyramid.
 Students will have a baggy with foods already cut out. They will pick take out the foods that would not create a healthy meal and glue the rest of the foods on the plate.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will walk around and monitor the students, looking to see what foods the children are picking. The teacher will ask students to explain why they picked the foods that they picked. The teacher will grade the assgnment, assessing that the children picked foods from the different food groups.
 The students will return to the carpet with their plates. The students will share with their classmates what foods they chose and why. The class will review the song they learned earlier in the lesson.
 The teacher will evaluate the students by grading the final product, the paper plate. The teacher will make check to see that the student picked at least four different foods that are healthy and from four different food groups.
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