Lesson Plan : Infectious Disease

Teacher Name:
 Wynee Holden
 Grade 7-8

 Infectious Disease: The Danger Amongst Us
 Immunity,Pathogens, Antigens, Noninfectious Disease, Infectious Disease, Vaccine, Active Immunity, Passive Immunity, Virus, Bacteris, Fungi
 To analyze the dangers of infectious disease and how quickly they can spread from one person to another.
 To demonstrate using unknown solutions, how we can spread an infectious disease from one person to another.
 Test Tubes Labeled 1-4, Unknown Simulated Body Fluid (4 ml), Pipettes, Paper Towels, Test Indicator for + or -, Student Lab Answer Sheet, Smartboard Instruction
 Have a student to wear glo-germ. Use the UV light to show students how unclean this student's hands are. Why is it important that we wash our hands or cover our mouths when we sneeze? Why do we need to take precautions like this?
 Show how HIV is tested in the lab (simulation). On a transparency I will show which patients are considered positive and which are negative (color change).
 I will monitor students as they alliqot out 1 ml of solution into the 3 empty test tubes using their pipettes. Students will label one tube "me" and the other tubes 1-3. Each tube will also have a letter (eg: A1). Students will then designate someone to stay ate the table with the "me" vial and someone to be the donor.
 Students will have a grid of the letters for each donor. They will circle the letter for each of their donors.
Checking For Understanding:
 Once students verify if they are positive or negative, they must determine which groups are positive and spread the infection to others. Students will backtrack their events and think how they could have been more careful (if positive)and how lucky they are (if negative). We will discuss their findings.
 Ticket out the door: why should we use precautions like washing our hands or covering our mouth when we sneeze?
 Check for students use of terminology throughout the activity to demonstrate an understanding of how the immune system can help us fight off infectious diseases, but how important it is that we use precautions.
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