Lesson Plan : What Happens When You Eat?

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Rogers
 Grade 6

 The Human Digestive System
 vocabulary words: digestive system, bolus, esophagus, epiglottis, small intestine, large intestine, pancreas, stomach, gall bladder, liver, rectum, digestive tract, anus
 To introduce students to the human digestive system. To help students understand how food is digested in the human body.
 The students will be able to show what organs aid in digestion and how digestion occurs in the human body.
 3 bottle caps, 1 8x11" sheet of paper, 1 jar with lid, 3 labels, 5 1"-2" pieces of pH test paper, pH paper key, 1 antacid tablet, distilled water, vinegar, glass cleaner, safety goggles (Digestion Lab)
 The digestive system stores and digests foods, transfers nutrients to the body, eliminates wastes and absorbs water. The question now is, exactly how and when does digestion occur? and, What processes are involved in food digestion?
 The teacher will ask the students to picture themselves in the school cafeteria eating their favorite type of food. Suddenly, the bell rings indicating the end of lunch and they have to think about solving a quadratic equation or understanding the rock cycle. They have forgotten about the food they just ate, but somehow that food is still in their bodies undergoing a real chemical process.
 Classroom discussion will involve defining the vocabulary words and understanding the function of each specific organ. Students will also view a picture of the digestive system and design their own.
Checking For Understanding:
 Problem: What do you think might happen to the pH if an acid and a base are mixed together? Students will develop their own hypothesis prior to experiment. At the end of the lab, students will write their conclusion.
 Question: What part of the digestive process did you simulate by stomping on the antacid?
 Did students demonstrate adequate knowledge of the subject matter? Were my directions given clear and concise?
Teacher Reflections:

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