Lesson Plan : Needs of Animals

Teacher Name:
 Ridge Graham
 Grade 3

 The Needs of Animals in order to survive.
 Language. The students will watch a brief video presented by Bill Nye the science guy as he will explain the source of energy and plants animals need to survive. Each student will be grouped durning the movie and taking notes of the types of energy and sources different animals needs. Farther in the week the students will be questioned on what they learned about how animals survive on a daily basis. Content The students will be able to explain the perspective of many different animals and what they need to survive in wilderness.The class will be able to answer more detailed questions containing why plants partake the needs in animal survival. The students will demonstrate there knowledge by working and matching the right animal with its specific source of energy needed.
 Sunshine State Standards. SC.B.2.2.1 The students know that source of energy needed for organisms to stay alive and grow. S.C.F.122 The students knows how all animals depend on plants S.C.G.1.2.5 The students knows that animals eat plants or other animals to acquire the energy needed for survival.
 All the students will be in groups three to four per group taking up most of the classroom. The students group will be in great supervision of the teacher durning all their active time. Whiteboard is visible for all.
 TV/VCR Bill Nye moive. Students will need a (notebook) to write notes, (pencil or pen), and Resources-(Text book Life Science McGraw-Hill) Grade 3 to follow also.
 Anticipated time Teacher activity Student activity 5 minutes Introduce movie Listen/Look 2o mintues Watch movie Watch/Taking notes 10 minutes Help/review Worksheet 5 minutes Close lesson touch-up/listen Introduction: "Today class we are going to discuss what sources of energy which is food also plants animals need to survive. After watching the video I would like for all of you to explain what you leanred about the sources animals need to survive and grow. Tgers and Dogs what where the sources needed?" Why did animals depend on plants as a source of energy to survive. Overview:
Checking For Understanding:
Teacher Reflections:

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