Lesson Plan : Evidence and Investigation

Teacher Name:
 Naaz N.
 Grade 6

 Recognize evidence of recent human activity, and recognize evidence of animal activity in a natural outdoor setting.
 -To learn about the process of investigating a criminal case involving human activity.
 -Students will use critical thinking skills to ask questions and make inferences. -Students will identify and record observable evidence. -Students will make predictions about what happened.
 Smartboard, chart paper, sticky notes, pens/markers, crime scene tape, loose leaf paper
 Have the children analyze the crime scene tape on the door, and and ask questions. Provide prompts if necessary, such as "I wonder what this is for". Allow students to make inferences. Before going inside, set behavior expectations: -students will go in quietly and take their seats first -students will not touch any of the "evidence" -Tell students they will be given a chance to share their observations later.
 -Ask students to share some thoughts/questions they had upon viewing the crime scene tape on the door. -Ask them what they were making based on the crime scene tape evidence (inference). Prompt if necessary. -Pair up students with those closest to them, and hand out loose leaf paper. -Explain that every pair of detectives will observe the "crime scene" around them, and record what they see on the paper.
 -Ask students to share observations -Write relevant observations on the smartboard -Facilitate discussion and allow students to draw a connection to the "human activity" involved
 -collaborative sharing -ensuring each student takes part -class discussion -smart board -visuals and movement -role play as investigators -different colored writing tools -opportunity to ask questions, state observations, and share information about assessing the crime scene.
Checking For Understanding:
 -Sharing of observations as a class -Writing down predictions
 Review that the lesson involved assessing the information based on human activity. Briefly review some methods of investigating human activity. -Ask what other kinds of activity there can be? Prompt if necessary (outdoors/outside in nature). Explain that the next lesson will be on animal activity.
 -Check that each child wrote (colored writing, and stickies) -Participation with partners, or in class discussion.
Teacher Reflections:

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