Lesson Plan : Biomes of the United States

Teacher Name:
 D. Tatum
 Grade 7-8
 Special Education

 Biomes of the United States
 The chapter book is "Ecosystems in the U.S.A.". The chapter in this topic will cover "Biomes of the United States".
 TLW apply use of special vocabulary in the context of a topic. TLW answer questions related to what is read. TLW experience different literary forms (chapter books). TLW ask and respond to questions during a listening activity. TLW compare different ecosystems.
 Level 1: TLW visually focus on pictures while listening to text read aloud. TLW select a picture in response to an oral question. Level 2: TLW read/listen to text during a shared reading experience. TLW point to pictures in response to oral/written questions. Level 3: TLW independently read text in chapters. TLW respond to oral/written questions during discussion of the chapter.
 Simple Chapter 1: Biomes of the United States communication board Comprehension worksheets and sentence strips
 TLW do a picture walk through the chapter story to see what the story may be about. Students state the different pictures they see and make a hypothesis about the content.
 Introduce the word "biome" and it's meaning. Read using a shared reading experience of the chapter book.
 Students follow along visually during the shared learning experience. Discussion questions are asked after each page. Focus on pictures on each page to reinforce learning.
 Students may answer orally or by selecting pictures from the chapter communication board.
Checking For Understanding:
 Assess discussion questions through students mode of communication.
 Students will brainstorm something that the learned from the chapter book.
 Discussion questions Review of material the following day.
Teacher Reflections:

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