Lesson Plan : Recycling

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 Grade 5

 Recycling and the Impact on Humans
 Recycling materials and benefits; Grade 5 Standard 3d: Students know the amount of fresh water located in rivers, lakes, underground sources, is limited and that its availability can be exteneded by recycling and decreasing the use of water.
 1. To make aware current states of pollution 2. To spread the word that we have created an unhealthy environmental crisis 3.To encourage others that recycling is easy and helpful to Earth 4.To demonstrate good methods of recycling 5. Student will assemble a working understanding of the effects of human impact on the Earth Students will display prior knowledge of recycling materials, benefits and products
 1. Students will demonstrate their understanding by answering trivia questions 2. Students will understand recycling benefits them 3. Students will learn how to practice recycling methods in their community. 4. Students will discuss in small groups specific questions about recycling Students will gain an appreciation of what and why things are recycled
 Each person will bring in two recyclable and two non-recyclable items
 3 minute video on recycling/Pass out coloring sheets and colored markers to rows Poster Board or Large Paper (5-6 sheets) Markers (5-6 colors)
 15-17 slide Power Point presentation � Recycling, Using the graffiti model the students will brainstorm and share prior knowledge in order to begin recycling unit
 Long table with twenty objects (ten recyclable and ten non-recyclable) each presenters will bring in four of the twenty objects and place on table9 (two recyclable and two non-recyclable). Students, in groups, will write on paper which ten items they think are recyclable.
 Each child is able to participate and contribute their knowledge at any level.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher led discussion Students will write a short essay on what they learned.
 Fun facts on recycling and trivia questions. Students may display drawings and clean up areas. Rewards students with the most amount of guessed items right.
 Discuss with the class the next days activity (Virtual Recycling Treatment Facility)
Teacher Reflections:
 Teacher observation Student participation Social interaction

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