Lesson Plan : Rock and Mineral Attributes

Teacher Name:
 Kathryn Wuest
 Grade 4

 How to sort rocks and minerals according to their attributes.
 Rock Mineral Attribute Luster Streak Texture Color
 Students are able to identify the various attributes of rocks and minerals. Students will be able to use the vocabulary to describe rocks and minerals.
 The learner will demonstrate knowledge of grouping rocks by sorting them according to their attributes.
 Science Composition Books Rocks Minerals Streak plates Magnifying Glass
 Tell students that rocks and minerals can look very different from one another. Then explain to the students that rocks and minerals are sometimes sorted.
 After explaining to the students that rocks can be sorted, I would then explain why they are sorted. They are sorted according to their uses, for example marble is used to make flooring and furniture. Then, I will inform the students that rocks are sorted by their attributes or characteristics. I will then draw a bubble map or some other kind of graphic organizer and challenge the students to see which group can come up with the most ways to sort rocks. We will then discuss these different ways and fill in the bubble map.
 In small groups, the students will then be given four to five different rocks and minerals. They will then put them into different groups according to the attributes we discussed. They will record how they grouped the rocks and minerals and which rock was in which group.
 For the strategic students in my class, I may have notecards with the names of the rocks and minerals, as well as the different attributes and have them place the rock/mineral cards underneath the attributes that apply to that specific rock/mineral. For the advanced students in my class, I would challenge them to think of more attributes for the rocks/minerals they have.
Checking For Understanding:
 Have each student write a description of what they did in their science composition books. Have them include: their own definition of the vocabulary they learned, a description of the activity they did, and how they grouped the different rocks/minerals and why they grouped them the way they did.
 Ask the students to summarize what they have done. Have the students tell you something they learned. Review with them the reasons why rocks and minerals are grouped/sorted.
 Look at the descriptions the students wrote in their science composition books.
Teacher Reflections:

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