Lesson Plan : Seasons:Making a Graphic Organizer

Teacher Name:
 Adam Bellow
 Grade 1

 The Seasons
 This lesson will teach/review basic information about the four seasons and the students will create an organized graphic organizer (a web) using Kidspiration 3.
 SWBAT name the four seasons and associate three ideas/things that go with that season. Students will be able to create a basic web in Kidspiration 3 (including adding clip art and changing text)
 SWBAT to complete a graphic organizer and save their finished piece for display in the classroom or hallway. Students will be able to explain the difference between the four seasons. Students will understand the concept and importance of a graphically organized web.
 SmartBoard, LCD Projector, Handouts, Laptop Cart, Kidspiration 3
 An interactive SmartBoard lesson that asks the students background information about the seasons opens the lesson. (How many seasons are there? Can you name the four seasons?) Students then match pictures to the name of the seasons.
 Students will watch me create a simple web using Kidspiration on the SmartBoard and will follow along at their seats. The students will see the uses of several basic tools they will need to use in order to complete their own web.
 Students will use the program to create and manipulate their own web about the season of their choice. The students will be working in pairs and can help each other as well as having me as an assist as I circulate amongst the students.
 Those students who are able to write will be able to add words to the graphics they choose on their maps. They will also be able to add more items if they are able. Students who have difficulty with the lesson will be able to use a half-finished template and then review the material in order to better understand the concept.
Checking For Understanding:
 As I circulate amongst students I will ask questions about the work they are doing and offer feedback to them in order to assess and assist.
 Students will learn how to save their work so that they can retrieve it later or complete it during their centers time.
 Student work will be saved and evaluated by the teacher.
Teacher Reflections:

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