Lesson Plan : Communities, Biomes, and Ecosystems

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 Coach Jackson
 Grade 9-10

 Communities, Biomes, and Ecosystems
 Vocabulary: climax community, community, ecological succession,limiting factor, primary succession, secondary succession, tolerance,latitude, tundra, boreal forest temperate forest, weather, climate, tropical rain forest, woodland, primary succession, desert, tropical suvanna, abyssal zone, aphotic zone, benthic zone, estuary, interidal zone, limnetic zone, littoral zone, photic zone, plankton, profundal zone, sediment wetlands
 Limiting factors and ranges of tolerance are factors that determine where terrestrial biomes and aquatic ecosystems exist
 Section 3.3 Objectives: 1. Identify the major abiotic factors that determine the aquatic ecosystems. 2. Recognize that freshwater ecosystems are characterized by depth and water flow. 3. Identify transitional aquatic ecosystems and their importance. 4. Distinguish the zones of marine ecosystems.
 Chapter 3 Vocabulary Word Search Launch Lab Chapter, p. 76 Mini Lab Chapter 3, p. 77 Video Lab Chapter, DVD, Bio L. 79 Real World Biology - Analysis,p.81 Handout / Careers in Biology, p. 82 Webb Site Enrichment - HO, Homework - Mapping - p. 84. Chapter 3 Study Guide - Section 3.3 - Homework
 Interactive Classroom 1. Power Point Presentation Chapter 3, Section 3.3 Aquatic Ecosystems 2. TLW - Read Chapter 3 for Homework Assignment before class
 Start - up Activities A. Foldable Study Organizer, Used with Section 3.1 to study what we learn about primary succession and secondary succession. Fun Activty
 Chapter 3, Study Guides for guided practice and home work Assessment at the end of the chapter
 Teaching strategies and activities have been coded for ability level appropriateness. A competency level is given for each activity using different coding systems for each student.
Checking For Understanding:
 Daily Quiz, Formative Assessments Chapter 3 Assessment Practice Chapter 3 Quick Check Chapter 3 Test, Standardized Testing
 Review the BIG Idea Check for understanding of main idea's Check vocabulary Assign Next Chapter
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