Lesson Plan : Simply Seasons

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 Mrs. Kim

 The four different seasons.
 *Changing of the seasons *Characteristics of each season *The order of the seasons Vocabulary Terms: Winter Spring Summer Fall cold hot
 Within this lesson plan, the students will learn all about the seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. We will cover what changes each season involves, the different weather patterns of each season, which months go to which season and the order in which the seasons occur.
 In learning all of this, we will be addressing specific Idaho state standards. Standard 4- Earth & Space System K S 4.1.1. The student will be able to name the four seasons K S 4.1.2. The student will be able to place the four seasons in order
 We will be using songs, videos, poems, books, worksheets and a Power Point Presentation to help introduce the seasons concept to the students.
 I will open the week with an open ended discussion asking the class these questions: Do you know how many seasons there are? Can you name them? Praise the children for their participation in the discussion. Tell the children there are four seasons, and name them. Inform them through out the week, we will be learning about the four seasons! Now we will read a book introducing the topic. Tell Me A Season by Mary McKenna Siddals; illustrated by Petra Mathers Talk about the book with the children.
 Now's the time for the Power Point Presentation.
  To further emphasis the difference between the seasons, we will have four boxes labeled FALL, WINTER, SPRING, and SUMMER. In each box will be the appropriate season clothing. Let the children dress up and discussion why certain clothes belong to different seasons.
  Children will be given a different season. Their task is to create an appropriate picture. The picture could be of an activity pertaining to the season, weather pertaining to the season, or anything else pertaining to their given season. Examples: Josh was given the season fall and drew a picture of him trick or treating. This shows Josh understands, Halloween is in the fall. When all the students are finished with their pictures, we will create a classroom book of seasons.
Checking For Understanding:
 Evaluation: During free play, I will ask each student to identify the seasons in the book. I will also ask how they know what season it is.
Teacher Reflections:

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