Lesson Plan : Kinematics

Teacher Name:
 Ms. McKinney
 Grade 11-12

 Distance vs. Displacement
 Time Distance Displacement Pythagoras's theorem scalar quantity vector quantity
 -The students will be able to define what distance and displacement is and define which quantity is a vector and which one is a scalar. -The students will be able to identify the units for distance, displacement, and time. -The students will be able to measure the distance and elapsed time intervals for a variety of objects. -The students will be able to explain the difference between calculating an objects distance and calculating an objects displacement using simple mathematical formulas
 chalk board, chalk, handout on distance vs. displacement
 Imagine that you won tickets to a concert in Florida and you can bring two of your best friends. The free tickets come with airfare, but when all three of you go to the airport, they have lost one of your tickets!! One of your friends suggest that they will drive down from New York to Florida to meet you for the concert. My question, if your friend drives at the same speed as the train, who will make it there first and why?
 The teacher will have the students discuss the introduction question and come up with an answer. the teacher will then define both distance and displacement and cite different examples to them (ex. person running a full lap around a track, distance is different than displacement). The teacher will also show on the board examples of ways to calculate displacement using Pythagoras's Theorem.
 The students will get two handouts from the teacher. One the teacher will go over with them as a class defining both terms and solving problems. The second handout will be done in their lab groups as their independent practice
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will assess how the students are working in groups and will grade the worksheets that they worked on in their individual groups.
 At the end of the class the teacher will have index cards passed to the students and they must write out one problem for the class to solve regarding distance and displacement. These will be used as a do now for the following class
 The teacher will grade the handout that was worked on in their lab groups. The teacher will also grade daily participation in the class discussion as well as group work.
Teacher Reflections:

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