Lesson Plan : The 5 Components Of Soil

Teacher Name:
 Alexis Barriga

 The five main components of soil and why they are important.
 Clay, silt, sand, gravel, rock.
 1. To create a lively and enthusiastic environment within the classroom 2. To help the students become more social with their classmates and others. 3. To bring out a child's imagination.
 To show children that soil plays an important part in our everyday lives.
 crushed oreos, vanilla pudding, graham crackers, vanilla wafers, whipped topping, gummy worms, clear plastic cups, spoons, ziplock bags.
 1. Introduce myself and teammates. 2. Tell a little bit about FFA. 3. Ask fun questions.. such as "who has eaten dirt before?" and explain to them that today they will be eating dirt. 4. Get ideas on why soil may be important to our environment from children's suggestions.
 1. Start describing the 5 layers of soil. 2. Explain why soil is important in the world. 3. Review questions to make sure the students understand criteria. 4. Go by step by step the directions for the activity. 5. Present the pre-made creation of the activity. 6. Everyone must wash their hands. 7. Pass out supplies 8. Slit everyone into 3 groups. 9. Appoint a team member to each group to help with directions. 10.Once everything is complete, all unused supplies may be thrown way. 11.Everyone may return to their seats.
 Perform in front of agriculture class for evaluation and suggestions.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. As a whole, everyone will list the 5 layers aloud. 2. Accepting a raise of hands, on how soil is important.
 1. Everyone may eat their creation. 2. Thank the class for having me and get an opinion on whether or not they enjoyed the project.
Teacher Reflections:

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