Lesson Plan : Sink or Float?

Teacher Name:
 Sandra Bierwirth Herman

 Will objects sink or float?
 Students will name an object, predict whether the object will sink or float, and classify the object according to whether it sinks or floats. Vocabulary: sink, float
 TLW compare whether objects sink or float and discuss why certain objects sank and others floated.
 TLW predict whether an object will sink or float in the water, observe the object to see if it sinks or floats and classify the object accordingly.
 Small tubs containing water, buckets, variety of items to experiment with such as twigs of wood, bath toys, crayons, pennies, soap, full and empty bottles, feathers, erasers, bobbers, shells, markers, pencils, markers, buttons, pens, pencil grips, shovels, sponges, foam die, paper, pipe cleaners, toy rings, and key chains.
 Stimulate children's thinking by having them give their prior knowledge about things that sink and float. Ask them to describe things they have seen sink and float and give ideas of things they think will sink or float.
 Have students use large motor movement to dramatize something sinking and something floating.
 Hold up a rock and have children predict whether it will sink or float. Demonstrate the rock sinking. Hold up a flipflop and have children predict whether it will sink or float. Demonstrate the flipflop floating.
 Prompting (as needed) to... name object predict if object will sink or float classify whether object sank or floated
Checking For Understanding:
 Students are able to correctly identify if an object sinks or floats.
 Discuss/review why children think some objects floated and others did not. If there is time and objects available in the classroom, have students choose an object to see if it will sink or float.
 Students place pictures of objects correctly on the "Sink or Float" poster.
Teacher Reflections:
 Student's understanding of the concepts of sink and float. Was the pacing of the lesson appropriate? What was the children's interest level in the sink or float lesson?

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