Lesson Plan : Bellwork Character Traits

Teacher Name:
 Grade 9-10

 Introduction to character traits through bell work.
 Each day, students are given at least one character trait to define. Students are encourage to share an example of how they would use this train the the chemistry classroom.
 Students become familiar with the definition and application of character traits in the chemistry classroom.
 Students will volunteer often with examples of themselves using a character trait in the classroom. Students will immediately recognize good traits when they see another student's behavior. Students will recognize strong character traits in their own behavior.
 Actiboard or PowerPoint to display bellwork.
 There will be a rotating list of character traits.
 As students are introduced to some words they are familiar with but not able to define or model, teacher will give examples of scientists or students demonstrating the daily word.
 When the teacher or a student witnesses another person demonstrating a character trait, it is pointed out to the class.
Checking For Understanding:
 Bonus questions on quizzes and tests ask about specific character traits. Examples: What character trait did you demonstrate in the acid/base lab? Give examples to justify your answer.
 At the end of each unit, teacher and students discuss the growth of the class as chemists with good character.
 Students are given points for bellwork participation as well as bonus points for discussing their contributing to the team project.
Teacher Reflections:
 At first, students had a rough time feeling comfortable about answering questions about their character or another person's character. Some worried about embarrassing themselves by guessing a wrong answer. Others felt uncomfortable talking about character traits in chemistry. The students in the higher level classes were much more willing to try to guess or find examples. Many of the students in the lower level were hesitant even after weeks of learning the key terms. There were certain words students enjoyed more than others: punctual, stewardship, perseverance, reliable.

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