Lesson Plan : Weather Forecasting

Teacher Name:
 Tracy Letz
 Grade 6

 Weather Forecasting
 Science: Weather Forecasting, Thermometer, Barometer, Wind Vane, Hygrometer, Clouds
 To gain an understanding of how to forecast weather, the students will be able to use weather reports for their personal benefit.
 1. Explain what weather is. 2. Learn about the tools used to forecast weather and how to read a barometer, anemometer, wind vane, hygrometer, and thermometer. 3. Gain an understanding of of basic cloud formations and their relationship to weather. 4. Forecast the weather for two days.
 1. Thermometer 2. Barometer 3. Weather Vane 4. Anemometer 5. Weather Charts 6. Hygrometer 7. Paper and pencil for notes. Science Textbook, Weather and Climate Textbooks, Encyclopedia, National Weather Service website, Local Weather Service, TV and radio stations
 Students will need to have covered basic weather topics such as fronts, high and low pressure areas, use of meteorological instruments, before beginning this activity
 Each day for the next two weeks have students use a thermometer, barometer, wind vane, anemometer, and hygrometer to take measurements of the current weather conditions.
 1. Make a current weather map everyday. 2. Forecast weather for the next two days. 3. Do a narrative of the life of a cloud. 4. Draw and color different clouds. 5. Keep track of location and damage of all significant storms in the next three months.
 Offer one-on-one help and instruction to students with learning differences. Allow the students to work in groups, and have those who have a good understanding of the concepts to help those who are struggling. Give hand-outs with notes, using minimum of words, but include visual illustrations when possible, creating word pictures for the students.
Checking For Understanding:
 Can the students articulate the concepts in their groups and to you the teacher? Do the students understand how to use the weather measuring instruments?
 Summarize the concepts taught, and discuss any questions the students may have.
 Can the students converse with each other and you, the teacher about the differences in clouds, which instruments are used to measure weather and why, and how to forecast the weather and why this is important?
Teacher Reflections:

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