Lesson Plan : What Makes You Grow

Teacher Name:
 Tracy Anderson

 What Makes us Grow
 To help children to see the importance of eating healthy and getting exercise to help them grow stronger each day. To also provide children with web site address and pamphlets about exercise and growing. Final outcome is to have children did not have knowledge on what foods can help aide in helping them grow.
 To have children see first hand what the benifits are of eating healthy and exercise. To do several comparisions for children to view. Have children perform activities that will reguire them to exercise (ex:sporting activity) and have them grouped by healthy snack eaters and non- healthy snack eaters and see how each group performs.
 Magazines for collage of healthy foods. Web site address to find out about how our bodies grow. Sample food pyramid for children to view and take how to help practice healthy habits.
 Have a group discussion on what helps anf hurts a body. Show pictures of and statistics for obesity. Provide children with magazine and newspaper articles on the gowing body.
 Explain to children the resaons why our bodies grow, and have them share activities they do to help them stay active.
 Take a trip to the store and have the children shpo for items needed to make a healthy snack. Have a Doctor visit and discuss with the children what they can do to help their bodies grow strong and healthy.
 Open the dramatic play area and allow children to act ou a play demonstrating what they have learned.
Checking For Understanding:
 Do a question and answer after the unit is over to see if information was received and is being practiced.
 Give the children a food pyramid and any pamphlets that you collected. Also give the children a copy of their favorite food and exercise to do at home with family.
 During regular circle time have the children give you periodic updates on ways to keep you growing, both healthy and strong.
Teacher Reflections:

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