Lesson Plan : "Seed Search"

Teacher Name:
 Yolanda Lewis
 Grade 4

 This is a lesson for day one of a seeds and plants unit
 Science seeds
 Student will develop an awareness of the various types of seeds. Students will be able to identify seeds around the school.
 Students will go on a nature walk in the school neighborhood and locate seeds. Student will collect seeds. Students will be able to explain their nature walk observations to the class. Student will be able to record their nature walk observations in their journals.
 Teacher will read the Students will go on a nature walk to see trees, leaves and plant and collect seeds.
 Teacher will remind the students that the class has begun to learn about seeds and plants. Teacher will explain to the students that the class will go on a walk to attempt to collect a variety of seeds. Teacher will give each student a bag and instruct the students to write their names on their bags. (Teacher will give specific instructions about the walk and the safety issues).
 Teacher will lead the nature walk with chaperones. Teacher will instruct students not to take plants or flowers from yards. Teacher will instruct student to await instructions before picking up seeds. If students see seeds, students should point the seeds out to the teacher and get permission to collect those seeds before doing so. The teacher will also instruct the group to collect seeds that he/she notices.
 All students should be able to do this. Students who need require differentiated instruction will be paired with a partner. A modification might include elminating the homework assignment for students who need accommodations or sending a note home to the parents to assist with the assignment.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will conduct a whole class discussion. Students will explain the observations they made about seeds, trees, plants, and flowers on the nature walk. Teacher will review journal entries for accuracy in recording nature walk observations.
 Teacher will add comments about the nature walk to the discussion. Teacher will remind students to bring additional seeds from their yards. Teacher will inform student
 In what ways did the assignment challenge the students? (Was it too easy or too difficult?)Did the students's comments and journal entries reveal they gained understanding through the lesson/activity?
Teacher Reflections:
 How many seeds were found in the area around the school? Was there an ample supply and variety of seeds? What type of initial observations did the students make? What do they know about seeds and plants?

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