Lesson Plan : Nonrenewable energy sources

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Berry
 Grade 6

 Nonrenewable energy sources
 What are the types of Nonrenewable energy sources? Why are they not renewable? Fossil Fuels (petroleum, coal and natural gas) define what a fossil fuel is and why it is a fossil fuel. List examples of how fossil fuels are used to produce energy, and what advantages and/or disadvantages there are to using nonrenewable energy sources.
 Students should be able to identify and explain different nonrenewable energy sources. They should also be able to explain what a fossil fuel is made of and what three types of fossil fuel is present. Additionally they need to be able to explain why a nonrenewable energy source can not be renewed.
 task: examine your homes. Determine which types of energy are being used in your home. Are their homes heated with natural gas, electricity, oil heat? How is the heat transported to your home? How can they save energy when heating their homes? How is energy dissipated or lost? Write up a report on their findings
 Observation skills, questioning their parents about home heating
 What is nonrenewable energy sources and why is it important to know what they are? What impacts do they have on the environment (both in the areas that they are mined if they are mined and the environment globally). Why would we need a saying Think Globally Act Locally?
 Explain through writing on the board, pictures, internet sites what fossil fuel and nonrenewable sources of energy are, how they are created and what they are used and how they are used to produce energy.
 Have students search on the inherent for ways in which nonrenewable energy has impact the environment. Using their own determination was it a positive impact or a negative impact in the environment. The environment can be your home, your school, your neighborhood, your city, your state, etc. but they need to be specific as to the reference of the environment when determining the impact upon it.
Checking For Understanding:
 Quiz: Asking for the students to list the nonrenewable sources of energy, Define fossil fuels and the three types that exist and how they are used.
 Conclude with why nonrenewable sources of energy are important for our society to function and for jobs to keep people employed.
Teacher Reflections:

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