Lesson Plan : Parts of the Cell

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Serena
 Grade 7-8

 Organelle structure, their functions, and their location
 Cell Membrane, Cytoplasm, Nucleus, Nuclear membrane, Nucleoplasm, Nucleolus, Chromatine (chromosomes), Mitochondria,Ribosomes, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Vacuole, Golgi Apparatus, Lysosome, Centrosome (centriole)
 SWBAT name the organelles and their functions in a eukaryotic cell. SWBAT tell which organelles enable a cell to make proteins, produce energy, transport and store material, and prepare to divide. Finally STWBT know the difference between a plant and animal cell.
 Explain the function of each part of a eukaryotic cell, through drawings on the board. Describe the differences between animal cells and plant cells orally.
 White paper (for each student), colored pencils (for the students to share), white board, Expo colored markers, "cell organelles" worksheets
 Review what a cell is. Review what a eukaryotic cell is. Show the class a picture of a cell (either an over head or page 75 in book) Hand out white paper, colored pencils, and worksheets. Class Instructions are to draw what is drawn on the board step by step with colored pencils and make it clear, colorful, and informational. As the teacher goes over the function and location of each one fill out the worksheet. Listen and interact!
 While drawing the cell step by step, one organelle at a time go over what it looks like, how to draw it, where to draw it, and what it does for the cell. Then tell the class exact wording for the worksheet. They will be used as notes throughout the chapter.
 Once the cell is completely drawn and the worksheet is filled out go over each one aloud asking students. Ask for both the name, its location, and its function. Continue till everyone answers a question. (The answers are in front of them.)
Checking For Understanding:
 Next, erase the board and let the students try to answer the exact same question, but without there notes.
 Repeat the use of each organelle that makes up a cell. And that is the parts of a cell!
Teacher Reflections:

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