Lesson Plan : Lab Station Week

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 Grade 7-8

 Matter and Physical Properties
 Students will learn about density, solubility, and specific heat. All of these are properties of matter. They will need to know the following terms:matter, mass, density, solubility, specific heat, and volume.
 My goal is for them to understand properties of matter, and what they are. I would like for them to understand what is matter and what is not matter and how to tell the difference.
 The learner will demonstrate application of matter and physical properties by performing density, specific heat, and solubility labs on a rotating schedule.
 I will need the following materials:density cubes, beakers, water, balance beam, calculator, sand, hot plate, thermometers, watch, well plates, toothpicks, spoons, cooking oil, rubbing alcohol, sugar, salt, flour, baking powder, and cornstarch. I will also need parent volunteers.
 I will spend a class period explaining how the rotating schedule will work. Then, I will go through each lab so they will understand the procedure. We will also go over the key terms they need to know in order to understand the concept behind the lab. I will do this by giving 3 groups a set of terms to define and explain to the class in their own words.
 I will demostrate how to do the lab and the techniques needed so the lab will be successful.
 Students will get with their lab partners and do the specified lab for that day. I will monitor their lab to ensure they are on task and doing the lab properly.
 I have paired low achieving students with middle achieving students so they are getting the help they need. I will grade them according to their level of reasoning. I have paired high achieving students together so they can go into further detail on why the lab is occurring the way it is.
Checking For Understanding:
 At the end of each lab, students will do a 3-2-1 activity. Three things they learned that day, 2 interesting things that happened during the lab, and 1 question they still have.
 On the fourth day, when all labs are completed by all students, we will come together as a class and do a class discussion on the purpose of the lab.
 I will walk around the rooma and monitor their progress during each lab. I will listen to the conversations between the students to make sure they are understanding the lab and procedure.
Teacher Reflections:

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