Lesson Plan : Five Food Groups

Teacher Name:
 Melanie Varvi
 Grade 4

 Five Food Groups and Nutrition
 Students will differentiate between different types of foods to determine which of the five food groups they belong in. Students will also work to understand characteristics of each food group. Vocabulary- grain, vegetable, fruit, dairy, meat/protein, nutrition
 Identify the five food groups Identify foods in each of the five food groups
 Students will be able to draw/label the food pyramid and place foods from each food group in the appropriate sections of the food pyramid.
 Overhead, poster of the five food groups, story:Case of the Missing Food Groups, menu mix-up worksheet
  Lead a class discussion, asking students what does being healthy mean to you? Why is it important to be healthy? What role does nutrition play in staying healthy? Explain that we will spend the next several weeks exploring nutrition with Arianna Bones and Marcus Muscleman.
 Explain to students that we need to eat a variety of nutritious foods in order to stay healthy. Identify the five food groups on the food pyramid poster. Name the five food groups and foods that would go in each food group. Read story Arianna and the Case of the Missing Food Groups aloud with students.
 Using the story identify the names of the restaurants in the story (Dairy Way Cafe, Munchberg Meatery, Vegetable Valley, Fruit Crate Creations, Great Grains). Review elements from the story and identify foods that were found in each of the resetaurants. Have students identify if these are acceptable foods for that food group. Develop a list of other foods that we could include in each of the restaurants.
 Students could have a worksheet with 2 choices blanked out and write in 2 other foods that could belong in the food group. Students could draw pictures of foods that belong in each food group. Students could cut out pictures and paste them on a chart of the food pyramid.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will respond to the following prompt in their nutrition journal: If you were solving the Case of the Missing Food Groups, what three questions would you have asked each of the chefs? and then List one food that can be found in each food group.
 Complete an introductory letter to their parents explaining what we will be working on in science/health for the next few weeks.
 Students will be evaluated on if they can identify the five food groups and foods that belong in each food group.
Teacher Reflections:
 In what ways was I successful? In what ways do I need to improve? What did the students respond to positively? What did the students respond to negatively? What worked?

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