Lesson Plan : Alternative Energy Sources

Teacher Name:
 Diane Hill
 Grade 7-8

 Alternative Energy Resources and Water
 renewable, solar energy, hydroelectric power, geothermal energy, nuclear energy, groundwater, point source, non-point source
 The following goals are met using the North Carolina Standard Course of Study: Science: 1.01,1.04,1.05,2.01,2.05,3.04, Reading: 2e, 2f, 3f,3j
 The learner will be able to describe different kinds of renewable resources. The learner will be able to discuss advantages and disadvantages of using alternative energy resources. The learner will be able to describe how important water is to living things.
 Textbook Overhead Projector Worksheets on alternative fuel sources
 The students will enter class and take their assigned seats. The students will read their AR books for 15 minutes. Following the AR reading, the students will complete the journal entry listed on the front board. The students will copy their fact of the day off the side board also.
 The teacher will offer a short lecture in the form of transparencies and Cornell Notes. The students will follow along by completing the notes in their spiral notebooks.
 With teacher assistance, the students will be introduced to the next project for students to complete. In a group of three the students are going to take us on a journey using a vehicle that uses an alternative fuel. The students will each receive an invitation for the trip and plan a way to complete the activity. The teacher will guide the students with the planning of the project and they will proceed to complete the planning stages with their group members.
 The students will be given a tiered assignment. The students will have a choice of activities to choose from. They will accept the criteria for each activity and proceed from there.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will informally ask the students if they understand the activity and answer any lingering questions.
 The teacher will relate how important alternative fuel resources are to today's society. The teacher will also help the students to see that the upcoming presidential election has fuel resources as a major issue.
Teacher Reflections:

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