Lesson Plan : Careers Inside the Cell

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Dantzler
 Grade 6

 The different jobs of different cell parts. Typical cell and its parts
 Students will demonstrate jobs of different cell parts. Students will illustrate a typical cell and its parts
 vocabulary terms, self-awareness chart, paper, writing utensil, copy of the cell parts, jobs and different cell's jobs, list of some jobs in real life society
 Discuss important factors of the section, give students key vocabulary terms and list of jobs in real life society. Give students QAR prompt sheet containing information on cells and cell parts Briefly introduce topic and give background and referring to prior lessons and knowledge
 Model the vocabulary self-awareness chart. Model how to complete QAR Explain how to create the cell model.
 Students will answer the QAR sheet as they read silently about the cell and its parts. Then, students will be divided into groups and will create a model of a cell using different colors of play dough. The students will also label each part of the cell with a small piece of paper at the end of a toothpick.
 Student may need help with chart but will be in a group with higher functioning students for the group assignment. Students may need help with the think and search, author and you and on my own portions of the QAR. Students will have peer help in their groups as they create the model of the cell.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ongoing: The teacher will observe as students read silently, complete the chart, work in groups, create concept map and present to the class. End of Lesson: The teacher will review the chart and the concept maps; quiz. Ongoing: The teacher will observe the students as they complete QAR sheet and as they create cell model. End of Lesson: teacher will review the QAR and the cell model; quiz
 This activity gives the students the opportunity to learn how to check their reading comprehension and make sure they are aware of what they are reading. Students also get a better idea of the functions of the parts of the cell as they relate those jobs to real life jobs in society that they probably already have some prior knowledge about. They get practice presenting to an audience as well as working in groups together. Whether or not the students grasp the concept will reflect in their charts, maps, and quizzes. This activity leads students into higher level thinking through the QAR activity. Students also have a chance to create a copy of the cell so that they can become more familiar with what the parts of the cell look like and where they are located in the cell. Their knowledge of the cell part will appear in the model, QAR, and the quiz.
Teacher Reflections:

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