Lesson Plan : Homeostasis

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 Grade 6
 Special Education

 Maintaining stable internal condition and adapting to the environment
 Students will explain how organisms maintain stable internal conditions and adapt to the environment.
 socks, tennis shoes, comfortable clothing, paper, writing utensils
 Read Chapter 4 Section 1 using dictoglo technique
 Show students how to use split-page note-taking method Explain how the activities will take place and how the results of that will be incorporated into the notes
 The teacher will read to students using dictoglo method about homeostasis. The teacher will reread the important facts while the students take notes. Then the teacher will guide the students on how to prepare their papers for the experiment and its results. Then, students will experience what happens when the body gets hot(-above normal body temp.) and cold-(below normal body temp.), and when the light is adjusted. Students will be taken outside to run one lap on the track (preferably on a warm, sunny day). Then they will rest and write about how their bodies reacted while running and becoming physically hot. Then students will be brought back into the classroom where the thermostat will be set very low (around 55 degrees). Then students will write about how their bodies reacted to the cold temperature. Also, students will get with a partner and look into each others eyes and watch closely to observe what happens to their partnerís eyes as the teacher turns the light switch on and off. Students will write about this and give one example of how an animal maintains homeostasis.
 The students should be able to follow because the important facts for the notes are repeated several times during the reading, and all students are guided step by step through the experiment. The student may need more explaing about writing the results and how to use the split-page note taking method.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ongoing: The teacher will observe as the students write what she repeats for their notes and go through the experiement and record results. End of Lesson: Teacher will review the summaries of homeostasis; quiz on the lesson.
 I think this activity allows students to learn how to take notes effectively. Also, the hands-on experiment creates motivation and shows them the relationship between what they've read and real life experiences and occurrances. Whether or not this lesson was effective will show in the summaries and the quizzes.
Teacher Reflections:

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