Lesson Plan : Reproduction and Heredity

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Dantzler
 Grade 6

 Reproduction and Heredity of Organisms
 Students will compare and classify the reproduction and heredity of organisms.
 puzzle, textbook, writing utensil, paper
 Arrange students into groups and give each group a puzzle to put together. The teacher will ask students what they can say about how puzzles are put together and what type of processes they engaged in to complete the puzzle. Students will discuss responses amongst the group. Then the entire class will discuss their responses. The teacher will then discuss the relationship between the puzzle (how things fit together) and the arrangement of DNA/RNA molecules.
 Model vocabulary development concept including how to make the T-chart. Explain the steps they will go through in their groups
 Still in groups, each will have a section to read together. They will make a T-chart, left side containing familiar science terms, right side containing unfamiliar science terms from the text. Then students will compare concepts and charts with each group developing a vocabulary chart. Then the class will create a concept map with the teacher writing on the board all of the concepts and charted information from each group so that all groups can become familiar with all terms and concepts.
 Students of lower levels will be grouped with students of higher levels who are willing to explain and be patient.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ongoing: The teacher will observe as groups read and work on puzzles, concepts, and charts; review ideas on concepts and charts End of Lesson: There will be a quiz on this lesson.
 This plan should help students learn to work together and show them how much they knew and didn't know before the class discussion at the end. Also, students should be able to relate certain things with what they already know. The quiz will show how much students learned from the lesson.
Teacher Reflections:

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