Lesson Plan : Living and Non-Living Things

Teacher Name:
 Odit N Bhola
 Grade 9-10
 Special Education

 Different Kinds of living things, plants& animals. Animals are divided into two parts- Vertebrates and invertebrates. Words to know: vertebrates, backbone, vertebra, ligament, nerve, hip-girdle, collar-bone, tibia / fibula, radius / ulna,ball and socket,phalanges.
 At the end of the lesson students will know what is a vertebrate,the major difference between vertebrates and invertebrates and the importance of the backbone.
 Students will be able to identify the backbone on their own bodies and point out other major bone structures. They will also name other animals they think have backbones.
 A replica of a human skeleton.Pictures of the parts of the bone system of mammals.Transparencies with different bones of the human body.Video presentation on vertebrates
 Teacher introduces topic by asking : What system in our bodies keeps us straight and upright? Do humans alone have this system? What makes all these animals similar to us?
 Feel your backbone.Where does it start and where does it end?Is it important to us? Why is it important?. Teacher shows a skeleton. Students name the bones they know and teacher lists them. Teacher also adds to the list bones that students do not know and also identify them on the replica. Students look at bone structure of different animals.
 Students make labels of the names of different bones and label the replica of the human skeleton.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students recap by answering questions based on the identification of the different bones in the body and identify similar bones in different animals.
 Coloring and filling up the body drawn.
 Students are given a picture of a human skeleton and are asked to identify ten given bones. Students name 5 animals with backbones.
Teacher Reflections:
 Teacher recaps the importance of the backbone and other bones in the body. He looks at the purposes of bones and names of the different bones.

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