Lesson Plan : Moving Molecules

Teacher Name:
 Grade 4

 Matter Key vocab: liquid matter solid molecules gas
 Students will understand and demonstrate the movement of molecules when in a liquid, solid, or gas. They will also understand and demonstrate the movement of molecules when heated or cooled.
 Students will imitate the movement of molecules in a variety of situations to assist them to visualize and better understand the concept of the constant motion of molecules.
 students sticky notes text book chart paper reciprocal teaching sentence strips marker
 Students will read in the Harcourt textbook the two pages about solids, liquids and gasses. As a class, we will summarize the two pages of text in 13 words. The students will then write "teacher" questions from the passage. I will record the questions on chart paper. They will then predict what the next section will be about.
 Explain that the students will be making a live model of molecules. Have them look at the pictures in the science book of solid, liquid and gas molecules. Have the students gather in the center of the class and pack them tightly together, to simulate a solid molecule.
 Have them predict what it would look like if they were a liquid or gas. Then have them move as if they were heated or cooled. Continue having them move as molecules, until you are confident that they understand.
 Students will have a buddy to participate with, to insure understanding.
Checking For Understanding:
 Observe students when imitating the movements of the molecules.
 Address the questions recorded on the chart paper, to see if we can answer any of them.
 Students will record in their learning journal what they learned from the activity.
Teacher Reflections:

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