Lesson Plan : Kinetic and Potential Energy

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Cline
 Grade 5

 Positive and Kinetic Energy
 Students investigate and understand how kinetic energy can be stored as potential energy and then be released as kinetic energy again. They will also be able to infer that the more energy there is stored in an object, the more energy it can release. Students will use the following science process skills: *Formulating a model *Predicting *Observing *Inferring
 Students will be able to FORMULATE A MODEL to show kinetic and potential energy. Students will be able to OBSERVE potential energy being changed into kinetic energy.
 Each group of students needs: 2 metersticks 2 rubberbands 4 large washers 1 coffee can 2 plastic coffee can lids 2 books Activity log pages 5 & 6 Have supplies set out on materials counter in color coded tubs, ready for students to use.
 Have all of the #3's go to the material's counter and pick up the supplies needed for their group. Explain to the students that they are to work as a team to construct the can by following the step-by-step directions I give them. (This is important because if one mistake is made while constructing the can, it will not work right.) I will read the directions from the attached sheet, while demonstrating each step and making sure that all teams are finished with one step before going on to the next step.
 After the can is constructed I will then tell the students they need to predict what they think the can will do when they roll it, and have them write their prediction in their activity log. After making predictions students will follow the rest of the directions on the lab sheet in their groups, working together and recording their observations. As students work around the room I will walk from group to group asking questions to cause deeper thought. *Why do you think the can is rolling back? *What is storing the energy in the can? *When is the can showing us potential energy? *When is the can showing us kinetic energy?
Checking For Understanding:
 Students should be able to infer that the energy is stored in the can when the can is rolled (the rubberband winds up). To check their understanding of this concept, have students develop a way to have the can store more energy by changing the variable. Then have the students check to see if the increased stored energy causes the can to roll back farther than before. Variables they might come up with could be length and type of rubberband, the number and mass of the washers, the mass and diameter of the can, etc. These variables need to be ready to hand out as students come up with the ideas to use them.
 Have all of the # 4's place materials back in tubs and return them to the material's counter. If there is any time left after clen-up have students discuss what they learned about kinetic and potential energy with their eyeball partners.
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