Lesson Plan : Human Organ Systems PowerPoint

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Kewish
 Grade 7-8

 Human Systems
 Life and Environmental Sciences: STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION IN ORGANISMS: Understand the structures and functions of living organisms and how organisms can be compared scientifically Topic Cells, Tissues, Organs, and Organ Systems Benchmark SC.7.4.1 Describe the cell theory Topic Cells, Tissues, Organs, and Organ Systems Benchmark SC.7.4.2 Describe the basic structure and function of various types of cells Topic Cells, Tissues, Organs, and Organ Systems Benchmark SC.7.4.3 Describe the levels of organization in organisms Topic Classification Benchmark SC.7.4.4 Classify organisms according to their degree of relatedness
  Every student will create a PowerPoint presentation and poster on a specific human system. The PowerPoint and poster will be used later to present the information on the specific human system to the class.
  Every student will use the human system PowerPoint and poster rubrics to correctly create a human system PowerPoint and poster that will be presented to the class.
 1. Textbook 2. Laptop computer 3. Poster Paper 4. Crayons 5. Rulers 6. Internet
  How many systems are there in the human body? What do you think would happen if even one human body system stopped working? You will be using a laptop and poster paper to prepare a presentation to the class.
  Teacher will show a sample PowerPoint to model the correct way to create a PowerPoint.
  Teacher will lead students through a guided practice on the correct way to create a PowerPoint presentation.
  Students with special needs will be monitored for understanding and be given all accomodations per IEP requirements.
Checking For Understanding:
  Student created posters and PowerPoint presentations will be assessed based on the criteria in the rubrics as each team presents their human system PowerPoint to the class.
  Students will use the notes they have taken on each system to prepare for the final test on the human systems.
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