Lesson Plan : Wave Introduce/Review

Teacher Name:
 Mike Sweet
 Grade 7-8

 Introduction of electromagnetic wave concepts and review of sound wave concepts.
 Study the content of Sound and Light, pages 76-79 using an anticpation guide and guided reading. Review concepts and vocabulary of sound waves as a test preperation using an eletronic Jeopardy! game.
 1. Students will begin to understand (be introduced to) key concepts and vocabulary associated with electromagnetic waves. 2. In preparation for a test on sound waves, students will review and reinforce their knowledge of sound wave concepts and vocabulary.
 After 100% completion of an anticipation guide, students will be able to locate and restate key concepts of electromagnetic waves. Then, students will demonstrate and reinforce their knowledge of key concepts and vocabulary of sound waves through participation in groups playing a Jeopardy! game presented as a PowerPoint.
 Writing utensils, text books, anticipation guide worksheets, overhead projector and transparency, computer and projector, Jeopardy! PowerPoint.
 Warm up guide on overhead instructs students to assemble necessary materials and think about how mechanical waves and light waves differ.
 Students will complete anticipation guide and then will be guided through finding the statements in the reading selection.
 Students will make and initial judgement about statements listed on the anticipation guide. Students will then locate those statements in the text and either restate them or correct them on the worksheet.
 1. The students will be guided through the text selection when necessary by the teacher. 2. Students will be able to use peer discussion to analyze and remember Jeopardy! questions and answers. Some students will be able to assist through score keeping and other non participatory jobs in the classroom while still being exposed to the concepts presented during the game.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Student understanding will be demonstrated through completion of the anticipation guide worksheet. 2. Understanding of key concepts will be demonstrated and reinforced through student participation in the Jeopardy! game.
 1.Later review in class of the concepts via discussion and demonstration of light waves. 2. Awarding prizes to the winning teams after completing the game. Completing the test the next class period.
Teacher Reflections:

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