Lesson Plan : How Magnets Work

Teacher Name:
 Quamille Moses
 Grade 3

 How Magnets Work!
 In this lesson students will be introduced to the basic principles of magnets and how they work.
 To introduce students to the properties of magnets.
 Students will be able to locate poles on various kinds of magnets. Students will be able to observe that like poles repel and unlike poles attract each other. Students will be able to identify objects that are attracted to magnets.
 Cloth Paper Pennies Bar Magnet Rod Magnet Horshoe Magnet Metal Pieces
 Hold up traditional decorative magnets and ask the students if they have ever seen them before or know what they are called. Ask the students if they have ever wondered how they "stick" to the refrigerator. Explain that today we will be learning how Magnets work.
 1. Define the word Magnet. Explain to students the Magnets have a north and a south pole just like the earth. 2. Explain that when the opposite poles attract the magnets attract and the like poles repel eachother. 3. Show students that when your try to put the north pole of the magnet with the north pole of the other magnet the magnetic force repels the magnets away from each other.
 Students will complete magnet experiments will different materials to understand the magnetic process.
 Students with special needs will be shown the experiment by the teacher and orally explain their observations.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be assessed on how well they answer the worksheet questions.
 Now that we have learned how magnets work I would like one person from each group to come up and share with the class one fact that they have learned about magnets.
 As students reflect on what they learned from the lesson and ask questions I will be able to measure what areas students are weak in and what areas need more practice.
Teacher Reflections:

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