Lesson Plan : Getting to Know Instruments

Teacher Name:
 Rebecca Mangan
 Grade 2

 Introducing the major instruments to children
 Violin, Guitar, Chello, Trumpet, French Horn, Tuba, Flute, Clairinet, Saxaphone, woodwinds, brass, strings
 1. Students will be able to identify the three major instrument groups: Stings, Woodwinds, Brass 2. Students will be able to visually recognize an instrument 3. Students will be able to distingush the three instrument groups
 1. Students will be able to sucessfully be able to idenfify the instrument by name when shown a picture of it 2. Students willbe able to decide what group of instruments are being demonstrated when listening to an example
 Example of string instrument music Example of woodwind instrument music Example of brass instrument music Pictures of these each instrument:Violin, Guitar, Chello, Trumpet, French Horn, Tuba, Flute, Clairinet, Saxaphone
 I will explain to the class the three groups of instruments and emphasize how different each group is.
 I will show them how each group has a different instruments and while I speak about each instrument I will hold up and pass around the picture of that instrument. Then I will play a piece of music from each group which will allow them to auditorly distingush the music groups. We will have some of the band students in the school come in and demonstrate their instrument.
 I will have a classroom activity where they divide into groups of four and each group has a sheet of paper and a pen. Then I will play a different piece of music from the examples and ask them to write down what group the piece is played by. I'll have two songs for each group.
 Visual challenged students will be not be given the mini quiz, and instead I could have some of the instruments mentioned to be brought into the classroom so that they can feel the difference between the strings on a violin and the slide of a tuba. Hearing impaired students play with the instruments brought in also during the group activity instead of sitting in on a group.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will glance over the quizzes to see if the student have a good idea of what the instruments look like. If not I will review them again.
 I will review the key words and then play the example pieces one more time for the class. Their homework is to go home and draw a picture of parent/gardian's favorite instrument and be able to write down in a few words what kind of sound it makes.
Teacher Reflections:

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