Lesson Plan : Changing Matter

Teacher Name:
 Amanda Kent
 Grade 11-12

 Matter and Change
 Branches of Chemistry, Alchemy, Properties of Matter, and Classification of Matter
 1. Students will be able to distinguish between the physical and chemical properties of matter. 2. Students will be able to classify changes of matter as physical or chemical. 3. Students will be able to distinguish between a mixture and a pure substance. 4. Students will be able to define and list examples of the branches of chemistry.
 Power Point Presentation, screen and LCD projector OR Smartboard, water and glycerin in 200 mL beakers, chocolate chip cookies, and a soft drink
 1. Define chemistry 2. Identify and define branches of chemistry 3. Discuss different kinds of research chemistry is used for Use Power Point for this portion
 1. Power Point presentation on: a. basic building blocks of matter b. properties of changes in matter c. classification of matter
 1. Students will pass around 2 beakers, one with water and one with glycerin. Let students guess if they are the same or different. After guessing, make students pass around the beakers again and feel the substances this time. Make sure students understand that differences in properties may not always be immediately obvious. Sometimes measurement devices even have to be used. 2. Students will each receive a cookie and a glass of soda pop. Students will be asked to examine the two objects and determine if they are homogenous or heterogenous.
 If students are having trouble taking notes a printed version of the power point will be available.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will have a brief question and answer session to check for understanding and to summarize the lesson.
Teacher Reflections:

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