Lesson Plan : Rocks and Minerals

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Cannizzo
 Grade 6

 Mineral Identification through Physical Property Observations
 Minerals have specific physical properties that allow us to identify them. In this activity students will split into small groups and become class "experts" regarding the physical properties of; crystal shape, clevage, fracture, color, streak, luster, and hardness covered in this lesson. Once the small groups have completed the tests/observations they will use their information to determine the identity of their specimens.
 Students will test, observe, collect and interpret data, infer and then identify a variety of mineral samples using a mineral guide. Aim: What physical properties can we use to identify an unknown mineral?
 Students will be able: 1.To explain to other students one of the following tests-hardness, streak. 2.They will be able to identify their unknown mineral samples.
 Power Point presentation on classifying and identifying Materials: mineral samples, streak plates, magnifying glass, Mohs Hardness Scale, Mineral Identification Guide, putty knife
 DoNow: In your Science Journal answer the following question. Use complete sentences. Hiking along a trail, you encounter what looks like an interesting mineral. You notice that it is uniform in color and shows distinct crystal faces. You think it must be valuable and want to identify it, so you open a guidebook to minerals. 1. What observations must you make in order to identify it? 2. What tests can you perform in the field?
 Observe each sample one at a time to avoid confusion. Observe and test each sample conducting the appropriate test to complete as much of the provided data table as possible. Consult the Mineral Guide to identify the each sample.
Checking For Understanding:
 Have each group compare their results. If the identification of the samples do not agree, have students lsit the possible reasons for these descrepancies.
 Describe: How did your actions in this experiment similar to those of a scientist? What additional work might a scientist have done to identify these unknown minerals? Would you be able to identify minerals in the field as described in the Do Now after doing this activity? Which characteristics would be easy to determine on the spot? Which would be difficult?
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