Lesson Plan : Dimensional Analysis

Teacher Name:
 Cindy Riggs
 Grade 11-12

 Dimensional Analysis
 Learning how to convert measurements within the Metric System, within the English System, and between both systems.
 Students will be able to convert measurements within and between the Metric and the English Systems of measurement.
 Students will be able to convert units of measurement within and between the Metric and English Systems of measurement by using dimensional analysis.
 Chalkboard, textbook, class notes, calculator, conversion sheet, pencil, and paper
 Students will be reminded of the purpose of a universal measuring system. Teacher will also review material previously taught as part of this unit of study: proper use of measurement prefixes, numerical value of prefixes, significant digits, numerical value of decimal location, and appropriate use of rounding.
 Teacher will lecture as well as demonstrate on the board the mathematical process of dimensional analysis. Students will be asked to participate at their desks and also at the board.
 Students will practice problems at the board, in small groups with a guided practice, and they will have a lab on the practical application of dimensional analysis in everyday life.
 Students with IEPs will be allowed to use the conversion sheet at all times, including the quiz and the test. All students will be allowed to use calculators. Students with exceptional potential will be encouraged to discover/apply the relationship of dimensional analysis to mixture problems with percentages.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be given a quiz to check for knowledge. During the unit, grades will be recorded for notes in notebook, application lab, homework, class participation (board work), guided practice, quiz, and test.
 Dimensional analysis is the foundation of chemistry. It allows chemicals to be properly mixed. Briefly discuss the importance of dimensional analysis in pharmaceutical development by connecting what we learned yesterday with what we learned today and what we will learn tomorrow!
 All students will be given the same test since all students will be expected to be proficient on the Chemistry EOC. However, the IEP students will be allowed to use the conversion sheet on all dimensional analyses assignments and tests.
Teacher Reflections:
 If given one-on-one help, most of my LD students will be able to learn this concept. Since this is usually the first truly complicated math concept some students have had to learn, they may require extra tutoring.

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