Lesson Plan : Mother's Day Science Project

Teacher Name:
 Yvonne Garcia
 Grade 2

 Planting flowers. Intermediate ESL.
 As a recap from our previous lesson; a flow into this lesson; Big Questions: What did the dinosaurs need to survive? Why do we think the dinosaurs died? What do we need to survive? What helps us grow? Vocabulary: gravel, soil, love, sunshine, seeds, perinnials
 Goal: 1. The students will plant flowers and have successful growth. 2. Can take home a flower(s) for parent or guardian for Mother's Day. TEKS:(b) Knowledge and skills. (1) Scientific processes.
 Objectives: �� To learn about how flowers grow �� What they need to grow �� The process of planting �� The caring of a plant/flower
 �� Cut-out milk jugs �� Soil �� Water �� Flower seeds �� Gravel �� Art materials for decoration
 Hook: What do we need to survive? Did the dinosaurs need the same to survive? (recap of our last lesson). Could we survive without these things? Then ask what do plants need to survive. Also, touch on what mothers/guardians have done to help them grow.
 Discuss as a group what all living things need to survive. Explain what a scientist learned by observing chimpanzees living with and without a mother/guardian. Why we all need nourishment to grow.
 We will go over the procedures for planting flowers Students will create a list of "things to do"; first we put the soil in the planter then we plant the seeds, etc.
 For the ESL students a picture word wall or ortografia will be put on the board or overhead projector for reference. They will be allowed to work with a partner if needed and translation will be provided as needed. But students are encouraged to use their vocabulary, ortografia and word wall.
Checking For Understanding:
 Observe if the students are following the procedures for planting and listen to their contributions during discussions.
 Review what we need to survive. Have the students consider what they need to grow as we move into the next part of this lesson, writing a Mother's Day card for their parent or guardian.
 I completely forgot to have the students write their name on the bottom of their planters BEFORE they started to decorate them. Otherwise, everything went smoothly.
Teacher Reflections:
 The students were easily hooked and they became very engaged in the learning and planting process. All of them contributed in some way for our prior knowledge about survival.

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