Lesson Plan : What is Energy?

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Bowman
 Grade 6

 Light energy in the food web
 Sun Chloroplast leaves Producer Consumer Decomposer
 The student should gain a better understanding of the flow of energy in a food chain and be able to represent the natural world using a model. (3C and 8C)
 1. TSW list ways in which they get their energy 2. TSW trace the source of their energy back to the sun 3. TSw diagram the change of light energy to food energy in a food web.
 1. Dry erase board and marker 2. 1 # dry white navy beans 3. a container to hold the beans 4. class sheet page 85 or 16 real leaves 5. copies of name tag sheet 6. 21 pieces of yarn to hold name tags around student's necks 7. measuring tapes
 Ask students to raise their hands and tell everything they know about enery. Ask students: 1. what is your favorite food? 2. How much energy does it give you? 3. Where do these foods come from? 4. Where do plants get their energy? 5. Can you think of any animal that makes its own food?
 The teacher makes a concept web on the board listing what the kids know about energy. Class discussion of above questions. Tell student they are going to play a relay game.
 1.Ask one student to play the role of the sun. 2.Divide the rest of the students into teams of 5 players. If more than 20 students, assign one sun to each group. 3. the first person in each team is the sunbeam..they run to the sun and get a "sunbeam" (navy bean). They then run back to the second person in line, the chloroplast. The sunbeam continues moving sunbeans-one at a time- until one team has one. 4. the chloroplast takes the sunbean and makes food for the plant. After the chloroplast has 4 sunbeans, it reaches down and picks up one leaf. After it has 8 sunbeans and has picked up 2 leaves, the chloroplast runs to the next person in line, the rabbit, and gives it one leaf. The chloroplast always keeps one leaf for its own energy. Everytime the chloroplast has 4 sunbeans, it picks up a leaf and takes it to the rabbit 5. the 3rd person in line, the rabbit, eats green leaves for food and energy. Every time the rabbit receives a leaf, it takes one hop towards the next person in line, the fox. 6. the 4th person in line, the fox, has a card with an E on it. The fox waits for the rabbit to get close enough it can tap it on the shoulder. When this happens, the fox lives, the team wins and the decomposer waits. AT this time, the fox in each of the other teams dies, because it did not reveive food from the rabbit. Then the microorganisms in these teams step forward to consume the oncce-living fox by taking the E card. 7. 5th person in line, the microorganism, waits for the fox to die. It steps forward and takes the energy cardfrom the dead fox once another team has won. 8. Return to the classroom and have each team diagram the flow of energy they just simulated
 Have additional chains written on index cards and have students place them in the correct order.
Checking For Understanding:
 Assess team food chains displayed on the board.
 Explain that these food chains make up a small part of a larger picture, a food web. Food webs discussed tomorrow.
Teacher Reflections:

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