Lesson Plan : Skeletal System

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 Danielle and Julia
 Grade 2

 Skeletal System for elementary kids
 -Skeletal System--bones and information
 1. Explain the bones and what they do to the kids. 2. Have the Kids label them selves so they know where the bones are in their body. 3. Have the kids fill in a note sheet so they will have the information to look at. 4. Give them a paper of the skeletal system so together we can color in each bone they learned in different colors. 5. Play BINGO and instead of saying the bones, point to it and have them pick the right word for it. 6. Ask review Questions to wrap everything up. 7. Make sure the kids learn the bones while having fun. 8. Rewarding the kids with prizes.
 1. Make sure the Kids are always haveing fun BUT are learning at the same time! 2. Make sure all the material is covered at a good pace. 3. All the kids learn and understand the skeletal system.
 *BINGO Cards (40) *Blank skeleton for them to color (40) *Markers *Bones to label them selves with *Prizes--pencils, stickers *Review Sheet *Notes for us
 (5-10 mintues) 1.Explaining to the kids why the bones are important to humans and why we have them. 2. Then pointing to each bone and telling them what it is really called and what it does.
 (10 minutes) 3. Notes--Handing out a note sheet and filling it in with them. The note sheet will include the names of the bones, what they look like and what they do. Also the note sheet will have what the bones do and how to keep the bones strong and healthy. Also include some fun/ funny facts about the skeletal system they probably didn't know about.
 (10 mintues) 4. Giving each child a skeleton to color in. We will do this as a group and each bone we will color a different color
 (10 minutes) 10. Each child will reciece a BINGO card that will be pre made. Each card will be different but they will all have the bones that they have learned on it. 11. We will point to a bone and they will have to mark the word for it on their BINGO card. 12. We will play three game and who ever wins gets a prize.
Checking For Understanding:
 (10 mintues) 13.After we have done all the activities planned we will then follow up with some questions to check for their knowledge and understanding of the bones: * Give me 1 Function of the bone system* (Ask 5 kids for one function) a. Giving them a prize for every correct answer* b. Tell me one new thing that you learned about the skeletal system* (Ask a few (5) different kids) c. Point to one bone and tell me the name of it* (ask like 5 kids)
 (What ever time is left (5 minutes) 14. Asking if there are any more questions that they would like to know and if any one does ask a question they will get a prize. Then once there are no more questions anyone who did not get a prize will get one so it is fair for everyone.
 I think that this lesson will work out very well. I think it is very informative and will help the children to understand the bones and the information on the lesson plan. The activities are fun and it is always fun to win a prize especially if everyone gets one! We picked activities that we thought were fun and that we thought younger kids would enjoy to do.
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