Lesson Plan : Introduction to Meiosis

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 Grade 7-8

 Meiosis is the process that produces male and female gametes by reducing the number of chromosomes, to the haploid number. Key Vocabulary: somatic cells, gametes, parent cell, daughter cell, mitosis, chromosomes, the phase of mitosis, and sperm and egg.
 Students will recall the phases of mitosis in order to figure out the phase of meiosis. Students will recognize the similarities and differences between mitosis and meiosis.
 Students will devise a method of cell division that reduces the number of chromosomes by half and creates four daughter cells. Students will illustrate their method of cell division.
 This assignment requires a overhead projector, overhead transparency on meiosis,projector, computer w/ internet access, paper, markers and any completed mitosis assignment.
 The first 9 minutes students will view a video clip about sexual reproduction. Five minutes will be spent asking students several key questions. KEY QUESTIONS: 1. How dp we get half of our DNA from each parent and still only have 46 chromosomes? 2. How many chromosomes do you get from each parent? 3.If their cells have 46 chromosomes how do they only give us 23 chromosomes.
  Students will be asked to form a method of cell division that begins with a single parent cell with 46 chromosomes and has an end result of four daughter cells, each with 23, chromosomes. Students will then be assigned groups and given materials.
 Individual groups will be offered clues to solve the problem if they get stuck. Clue #1 The process has a total of 11 steps, the steps are very similiar to mitosis. Clue #2 The first step is interphase. Clue #3 After you complete the fist six steps you should have 2 daughter cells with 46 chromosomes. Clue #4 Step starts the phases of mitosis over without going through interphase a second time.
 None necessary.
Checking For Understanding:
 Each group will have 1.5 minutes to present their illustration and solution to the problem to the class. It may be necessary for students to complete the presentations the next class period.
 Students will be instructed to turn to the chapter in the textbook that cover meiois and on the overhead we will go over the phases of meiosis together.
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