Lesson Plan : The Scientific Method and Science Fairs

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. H
 Grade 5

 Science Fair/Science Method
 What is science? Latin word "scire," meaning to know. Like crime investigators, solving a mystery. Steps in scientific method. How to formulate a hypothesis. Key vocabulary: hypothesis, data collection, variables, procedure, presentation in graph or diagram form.
 Children appreciate that the scientific method is trial and error. Children understand the scientific process, beginning with the problem, then stating the hypothesis.
 Student will understand what constitutes a suitable problem from which to form a hypothesis. Student will seek assistance at the outset of their experiment if needed. Student will follow the scientific method to reach their own conclusion, displaying the scientific process and will present their findings in an appropriate way
 different size balls, data collection forms, chalk, rulers, pencils Toll House cookies
 Introduce concept of the annual 5th grade science fair. Talk about what is a scientific problem, how that leads to an idea, or hypothesis. Liken scientific process to a crime scene investigation. Mention Monk, ask if any children watch the show.
 Notice if there is a child with curly hair in the class and pose the question about what effect the environment has on curly hair (becomes frizzy when damp). You are making asn observation, which is part of the scientific process. Bounce the ball. You might wonder, "Does the height at which the ball is dropped affect how high it will bounce?" This is a hypothesis based on an observation.
 Take the children outside into playground. Follow the previous concept through to scientific conclusion. Place children in groups of 2, giving each pair a ball and a data collection form
 Peer buddy system. Partner any child with learning difficulty, or slow processing with neurotypical peer. Visual lesson/hands on.
Checking For Understanding:
 Draw conclusions from results, talk about how results can be displayed-line graph, bar chart.
 Explain that Toll house cookies were invented by accident. Hand out Science Fair Evaluation Form, along with cookies. Allow children time to eat cookie as they reflect on experiment and ask any questions.
 Easy quiz on scientific process done in pairs (peer buddy system)
Teacher Reflections:
 Lesson developed understanding of scientific process in a fun way which even those children with learning disabilities could participate in easily.

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