Lesson Plan : First Face Transplant

Teacher Name:
 Rebecca Share
 Grade 7-8

 The first human face transplant.
 Questions used to familiarize students with the subject of this story are; What is the patient's name? How old is the patient? How did the patient get deformed? and What normal functions were difficult for the patient before her operation? Questions asked to give the students an understanding of the surgery are; When and where did this operation take place? What was transplanted in the operation? What was the risk level of this operation? How many hours did the operation take? and Why is this type of surgery groundbreaking? Questions to help the students understand the effect of this surgery on the patient's life are; How long will the patient be on anti-rejection medication? Is the patient still afraid to show her face in public? and What kind of life does the patient say she now has? To help the students get a better understanding of how 'weird' it would be to have another person's face, I am going to create a game called 'Find your Face.' In this game, the students will be given the picture of a classmate, but only the nose, lips, and chin are shown. On the back of the picture there will be a number corresponding to the name of the classmate in it. If the student can correctly identify the true owner of their 'face' they will get a piece of candy.
 The overall goal of this lesson is to have students understand the procedure of a 'face transplant,' the emotional difficulty and struggle the patient went through, and why these two factors make it a top 100 science story.
 My objective is to have students get at least 11 out of 13 on the video worksheet and have 3/4 of the class or more 'find their face.'
 To teach this lesson plan I need a computer system. I will need 36 worksheets to hand out to the class to go along with the video clips from the previously listed websites, 15 worksheets and readings for students who don't want to watch the video clips, a picture of each student in class (only the nose, lips, and chin) a large bag of candy, and the list of students corresponding to the number on their picture.
 Say to the students, "Hello, my name is Miss Share, and today I will be teaching you about the #25 science story of the year, the first human transplant."
 Say, "Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have someone else's nose, lips, and chin? I'm betting you haven't. For one woman, the thought of having somebody else's face wasn't scary, or weird, it was miraculous, because having someone else's face was a chance at a new life. I will show you three video clips that explain in deeper detail this amazing medical achivement. *begin to hand out worksheets* right now I'm handing out a worksheet that you will fill out as you watch the clips, after each video is finished, I'll ask if you missed any of the answers. When we are finished correcting the entire worksheet we are going to play a game called 'Find your face.' I'll explain more about that when we come to it. I'm going to start the first clip now, the answers come fast at some points, so keep quiet and pay attention."
 Show the three video clips, pause after each and ask for questions, answer the questions asked, correct entire worksheet when all video clips are finished, answer final questions.
 Some scenes from the video clips required to answer the questions from the worksheet are slightly graphic, students who don't want to watch the video will get a short reading to follow and answer questions from. I will have on hand the resources to accommodate up to 15 students.
Checking For Understanding:
 My assessment of the student's understanding will be their scores on the video worksheet, and by simply asking them, "Who in here gets why this is a big deal?" Hopefully, most of them will verbally respond, or raise their hands.
 Say, "That's all I have for you today, I hope my lesson has brought you to a closer understanding of the importance of the #25 science story of the year- the First Face Transplant!"
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