Lesson Plan : The Food Pyramid

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 Grade 4
 PE and Health

 The Food Pyramid
 The material covered will be in regards to the food pyramid. Key terms will be servings, milk, vegetables, fruit, fats and sweets, meat and protein, breads and grains.
 Students will develop a general knowledge of the food pyramid and learn what foods they need to be eating in order to stay healthy.
 Students will discuss what they already know about nutrition and the food pyramid. They will then learn about the six groups that comprise the food pyramid.The students will talk about "Showdown at the food pyramid". They will be given certain foods and asked to place them in the correct catagory according to servings needed. Lastly, they will be given a worksheet and asked to design a sample menu for one day according to what they have learned.
 Powerpoint, Food Pyramid chart, Life size velcro food pyramid, Velcro fruit, The book "Showdown at the food pyramid," and a worksheet. (Video as a back-up)
 Open the class by asking the student's to raise their hands and discuss their favorite foods. Then ask student's to talk with the person seated next to them about what they think is healthy to eat.(Perception)
 Show a powerpoint presentation that explains what the food pyramid is, how it affects us, and then show a picture of food pyramid. Have the students sit in a circle as you read "Showdown at the Food Pyramid."(Cognition)
 Give a felt food pyramid to every other student in the class. Hand out fake velcro foods. Have student's work in pairs to place all the foods in the correct place on the food pyramid and in the correct number of servings.(Action)
 Walk around the classroom as students are putting together the felt pyramid. If it appears that they do not have a thorough understanding of the topic than show the video "My Pyramid Animation," and send home the meal plan worksheet to be brought back and handed in the following day.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask questions throughout the lesson, observe the students as they work in pairs, and collect the meal plans to be graded.
 Ask the students what they learned following the lesson. Have students discuss whether or not they think they are healthy based on the foods they eat. (Re-emphasize main points)
 Check the student's worksheets, listen to their discussion and input. Ask the class what their favorite part of the lesson was and why to see if they really understood what was being taught.
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