Lesson Plan : Animal Kingdom & Plant Kingdom

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 Overview of the Animal Kingdom.
 Plant Kingdom and Animal Kingdom as basic categories of living things. Basic differences between plants and animals. Sorting of kingdom members into the correct category.
 Students will describe the differences between plants and animals. If unable to talk, students will use pictures to finish sentences begun by the instructer. Students will correctly categorize animal and plant words or pictures into the appropriate categories: plant or animal.
 Pictures of those animal and plant words. A large number of pictures of plants and animals from nursery books or library books.
 Show one picture at a time of a plant or an animal. Briefly talk about each as to what it needs to stay alive, and what will happen if it doesn't get what it needs. Introduce the statement that both plants and animals are living things.
 Use two posterboards one labeled plant and one labeled animal. As a class, sort several pictures and words into one category or the other.
 Students return to desks and complete a sorting activity using pictures or words for plants and animals.
 Pictures or words for sorting. If pictures, then glue them to two different sheets of paper labelled with plant and animal. If using words, student places a P or an A in the blank next to each word in the list.
Checking For Understanding:
 During circle time in the following week, two or three times during the week, ask students to correctly categorize a plant or an animal word or picture. Give each student two or three trials in the circle time, as time allows.
 Repeat initial session concerning living things and the differences between plants and animals. Tell students that in coming weeks we will be studying animals. Complete a bulletin board concerning the study of different kinds of animals.
 Some students may need more time than one week to categorize plants and animals. If so, that can be a continuing activity for that student. Students may be given a test.
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