Lesson Plan : Introduction to the Environment

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Horan
 Grade 7-8

 Introduction to the Environment
 Biosphere, Insecticide, Pollution, Extinct, Endangered Species, Rainforest, Poacher, Acid Rain, Atmosphere, Smog, Conservation, Greenhouse Effect, Evolution, Ozone, Habitat, Resources
 Students will have a better understanding and appreciation of the environment through various lessons focusing on factors that affect the environment.
 Students will be introduced to the environment through a variety of activities. Students will be able to recognize and understand new vocabulary. Students will be able to compare and contrast different aspects of factors affecting the environment.
 National Geographic Film about the environment, television, DVD player, Vocabulary graphic organizer, creative writing worksheet, and CLOZE passage.
 The environmental theme will be introduced to students through a brief overview of the environment and what it is. A list of vocabulary words will be written on the board at the beginning of the period and students will work together as a class to determine how the words are related and what the overarching theme of the unit is.
 Students will watch a National Geographic film about the envrionment. This film will briefly cover topics to be taught in the following lessons. Students will take notes using the Cornell Notetaking Method. After the film is completed students will discuss the main points.
 Using the knowledge students have acquired from the film, students will work in groups of two to three students to complete the environmental group creative writing worksheet.
 For students with special needs, acitivites can be lessened in their scope and the following accomodations are available: -lecture and key points previously recorded for hearing impaired students -text books with enlarged font for visually impaired students -individual help and extra graphic organizers and vocabulary builders for students with reading difficulty
Checking For Understanding:
 Studetns will be assessed through the completion of the two acitivies done in class. Students are also expected to contribute to group discussion and will be assessed and provided feedback through the teacher, both verbally and by writing.
 Students will come back together as a whole and review the concepts covered in the film and will be asked to fill out an exit slip answering the following question: What have I learned about the environment today that I did not previously know?
Teacher Reflections:

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