Lesson Plan : The Greenhouse Effect

Teacher Name:
 Candice Steveson
 Grade 6

 Two main greenhouse gasses are carbon dioxide and methane. These gases form a layer which lets sunlight through, but traps the heat in. Flatuation
 The students will learn: 1. Global warming has an influence on our climate and the effect it does
 Students will understand: 1. How the greenhouse effect works. 2. The causes of the greenhouse effect. 3. Effects of the greenhouse effect.
 Each group (4): cereal bowl, platic food wrap, two thermometers, a bright light source. (A 100 Watt lightbulb)
 Begin by reviewing Global Warming notes.
 Eirect Instruction - Lecture 1. Explain to the students that they are going to demonstrate the effects of Global Warming. 2. Give each student a Scietific Method Sheet. Tell them what materials they need and to discover how they are going to show the greenhouse effect. 3. After they have gather the material, explan to the students how to fill in the scientific method sheet. State the problem in a question, and then produce a hypothis from the question.
 Experiential Learning - Conducting Experiment In groups of 3, the students will discover the greenhouse effect. 1. Begin by taking the temperature of the air in the room and write this number in the scientific method sheet. 2. Place the second thermometer inside the bowl where it can be read and seal over the bowl with the platic food wrap. The bowl represents the Earth with the food wrap representing a layer of greenhouse gases. 3. Place the bowl close to the light bulb (or just set it in bright sunlight) so that the air in the bowl warms up. 4. While the experiment sits, begin the notes showing how the platic covered bowl is like the Earth undergoing the greenhouse effect. Light gets in but heat can't get out. 5. After 10 minutes, check on the experiment, and notice how to your surprise, the temperature of the air in the bowl has increased.
 Cels: Comm, IL, PSVS,
Checking For Understanding:
 Reflective Questions: What do you do first, second, etc...
 Ask the students to describe what they think happened after 10 minutes.
 Scientific Method Sheet
Teacher Reflections:

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