Lesson Plan : The Human Body Systems

Teacher Name:
 David Smith
 Grade 5

 Human Body Systems
 Circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system, urinary system, artery, capillary, vein, valve, mucus, trachea, bronchioles, air sacs, esophagus
 The goal of this lesson is to develop a student-made study guide that is an accurate representation of the chapter exam.
 Students will demonstrate knowledge on how the human body is made up of systems with structures that are related. Through small group presentations, the student will describe how the human body systems interact and function inside a person
 Overhead projector, transparencies, index cards, handouts, rubric
 This is a review of the concepts that were studied in chapter 3. The students have researched in small groups, several questions that will become a part of a study guide that will be developed today.
 Each group will have three minutes to present the answers to the questions that they researched and answered in a previous lesson. One member of the group will do the oral presentation. The second member will present the written answers on the overhead projector. The third member of the group will monitor the audience to make sure they are answering the questions in the right place on the study guide that was provided by the teacher. The teacher is a member of group number one and will model the expectations in the first presentation.
 Each group will follow in order of the questions on the study guide.
Checking For Understanding:
 A rubric will be modeled and provided to each student to give feedback to all of the group presentations.
 The students will complete the study guide and be encouraged to use it as a means of review for the chapter exam. The student assessments (rubrics) will be collected and students will be informed that this feedback will be given back to them along with their completed exams.
 The rubric will be both student assessed and teacher assessed to measure the group presentations as well as how well the group participated in the research and development of the study guide.
Teacher Reflections:

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