Lesson Plan : From Single Cells to Body Systems

Teacher Name:
 Sandra Lee
 Grade 5

 What Are Cells? What Do They Do?
 cell, cell membrane, cell wall, nulcleus, chromosomes, cytoplasm, choloroplasts, vacuole, mitochondria
 TAKS Objective: 2: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the life sciences. TEK(S): 5.1A,B; 5.2A,B,C,D; 5.3A,C,D,E; 5.4A; 5.5A,B
 TLW id cells as the basic structures of life. TLW be id Robert Hooke as the first person to use a microscope to identify cells. TLW name the three main parts of the cell: cell membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus. TLW observe plant and animal cell pictures and discuss differences. TLW discuss the jobs of the organelles in a plant cell. TLW act out the parts of a cell and make a plant cell model.
 text book, cell organelle cards, overhead projector, transparencies of cell parts, cookies, icing, various candies for cell parts, petri dish, syrup, cell poster, Draw A Plant Cell ws
 T. will ask students to fill in the blanks of the following sentence: All living things can be identified as either ____?____ or ____?____. (plants or animals). T. will state that we are going to be studying plants and animals beginning with the cell - the basic unit of struc. and function for all living things.
 T. will state that in Robert Hooke built and used an early microscope to observe a piece of cork. In doing so he obs. tiny walled spaces which he termed cells because they reminded him of tiny rooms. TLW observe drawings of plant and animal cells on text p. A6.
 T. will use overhead, petri dish, syrup and a piece of candy to demo. the three main parts of a cell. T. will state that there are other parts of the cell as well. T. will use cell poster to discuss organelles and st. will use cell info. cards to act out a cell. TLW obs. a plant cell on text p. A8.
 GT students can go to the website www.Biology4Kids.com to read more about plant cells.
Checking For Understanding:
 T. Obs. and completed models and drawings
 T. and st. will discuss what they have learned, restate objectives, etc.
 TLW will be able to define what a cell is, name the structures basic to all cells, name organelles in a plant cell and identify their functions.
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